Church of Mount Tibidabo


Church of Mount Tibidabo

The Church of Mount Tibidabo next to Mount Tibidabo, also called the Magic Mountain, houses the spectacular neo-Gothic temple of the Sacred Heart, completed in 1961, and right next to an older hermitage dating from 1886.

Once there, you can also see the Collserola Tower, almost 300 meters high, and which was built on the occasion of the Olympic Games of 1.992, or spend the day in the Amusement Park that is in the same place.

The Temple

The Temple of Tibidabo is an impressive monument located at the top of Tibidabo mountain, in Barcelona. Known for its spectacular neo-Gothic architecture, this temple offers stunning views of the city and is one of the most emblematic places in Barcelona. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the temple has impressive interior decoration, with stained glass windows and detailed sculptures. In addition, Tibidabo Mountain has a historic amusement park, the Tibidabo Amusement Park, which is the oldest operating amusement park in Spain. Visitors can combine a visit to the Tibidabo Temple with a fun afternoon at the amusement park, making it a must-see attraction for the whole family.

Portico of the crypt

The appearance of the temple is that of a fortified walled enclosure of stone of Montjuïc presided over by a monumental neo-Gothic temple with a double staircase. The set consists of a lower crypt and the upper church, with a central floor with a dome on eight columns. 10 The style is based on a Romanesque line combined with the temple of Gothicstyle or.

With a dome crowned with the image of the Sacred Heart.

Initial work by Frederic Marès destroyed in 1936 and replaced by another by Josep Miret, from 1950. Attached to the temple is the hermitage built in 1886, a square plant of 2 meters on each of its sides and eight meters high. Inside it has an altar with an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 15

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