Guell Park

Park Güell

Park Guell, This immense park was declareda World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1.984, and is another of Gaudí’s great works. Of which there is more in its House Museum that is inside the enclosure.

The best way to end the day is to go into the park to enjoy a quiet walk. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and discover a multitude of animal sculptures. Tree-shaped columns, as well as the Calvary Monument that will give you the best views.

At the main entrance there are two little houses that look like something out of a story. One of them, the Casa del Guarda, usually offers talks about the history of the park. One of the photos is that of the central square of the park, with a staircase and a snake-shaped bench, made of brightly colored mosaic, 110 m. long. Another of the most outstanding images is in the Gran Plaza Circular, showing a large postcard of Barcelona and its coast. This square is famous for its immense bench decorated with mosaics, one of the longest in the world.

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