Metropolitan Basilica Cathedral


Metropolitan Basilica Cathedral

The Metropolitan Basilica Cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar has the most authentic history of this Gothic church.

It is that it was erected with the hands of the inhabitants of the area between 1,329 and 1,383.

It has an austere appearance with an imposing interior given by the black stones, which took on this color due to the fire it suffered during the Civil War.

In addition, the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar often attracts many avid readers, following in the footsteps of Ildefonso Falcones.

Who was inspired by this place to write La Catedral del Mar.

More about the Metropolitan Basilica Cathedral

Welcome to the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, home to the impressive Basilica of Santa María del Mar. Known as “La Catedral del Mar”, this 14th-century church is a true example of the Catalan Gothic style. It stands out for its great luminosity, beautiful stained glass windows and its imposing structure with three naves. Its rose window, one of the largest in the world, illuminates the interior with its impressive colours. In addition, she is known for being the protagonist of the novel “La Catedral del Mar” by the author Ildefonso Falcones. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this architectural marvel and immerse yourself in the history of the city of Barcelona!

Tip: It is located in the modern area of ​​El Born, where you can also visit the Picasso Museum or enjoy its lively nightlife.


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