Private Tour from Barcelona to Montserrat

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Our private guided minivan tour to Montserrat is an unforgettable experience for those who want to explore the best that the Catalonia region has to offer. During the trip, our expert tour guides will share the fascinating history and rich culture of the mountain and the monastery of Montserrat. You can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountain landscape and visit emblematic places such as the basilica, the museum and the Sant Jeroni viewpoint. Additionally, as it is a private tour, you can customize your experience according to your interests and preferences. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Montserrat in a unique and special way with us!

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Private Tour from Barcelona to Montserrat

A bit of History

The legend places the discovery of the image of the Virgin of Montserrat around the year 880. Then began the cult of the Moreneta, which materialized in four first hermitages in the ninth century: Santa María, San Acisclo, San Pedro and San Martín. However, the origin of the monastery is uncertain: it is known that, around 1011, a monk from the monastery of Santa María de Ripoll came to the mountain to take charge of the monastery of Santa Cecilia, thus leaving the monastery under the orders of Abbot Oliba de Ripoll. Santa Cecilia did not accept this new situation, so Oliba decided to found the monastery of Santa María in the place where an old hermitage of the same name was located (1025).

The monastery

It soon became a sanctuary; This fact led to an increase in donations and alms received, and allowed a constant growth of both the religious enclosure and the influence in the territory. Between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries the Romanesque church was built, and from that time comes the carving of the Virgin that is venerated today. At the end of the twelfth century, the abbot regent requested that the community of monks be allowed to be expanded to 12, the minimum required to be considered an abbey. The following century was the beginning of the struggle of Montserrat to achieve its independence from the monastery of Ripoll. This independence did not come until March 10, 1410 and was granted by Pope Benedict XIII. In 1476 the Gothic cloister was built.

Tour Barcelona to Montserrat

Escape Barcelona on a private half-day tour to the must-see of Montserrat Mountain and Monastery. Feast your eyes on the stunning basilica, breathtaking views and remarkable rock formations. Enjoy some Catalan snacks and drinks along the way.

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Car (Guide + 2 pax), Minivan (Guide + 6 pax)

4 reviews for Private Tour from Barcelona to Montserrat

  1. Spanish

    Ramiro Acuña

    What set this tour apart was the flexibility to tailor the experience. Whether you’re a history buff, nature enthusiast, or seeking spiritual insights, the tour adapts to your preferences.

  2. Spanish

    Clara García

    Absolutely breathtaking our Montserrat tour was a dream come true from the stunning landscapes to the knowledgeable guide, it was a day to remember

  3. English

    Arnold Adams

    Kudos to the knowledgeable guides who added depth to our Montserrat exploration. Their passion for the history and art of the region was contagious, making the tour both informative and engaging.

  4. English

    Felisa Pappo

    Our private tour to Montserrat was nothing short of extraordinary. The scenic beauty, combined with the rich cultural insights provided by the guide, made it a truly memorable experience.

  5. French

    Ayvala Balatajala

    Montserrat’s natural beauty is breathtaking, and this tour maximized our time to savor every moment. The panoramic views were nothing short of magical, creating lasting memories.

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